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 Body Scan - A body scan is a voice led form of meditation in which you are prompted to focus on different areas of the body. These programmes can be found on youtube, mindfulness apps and some music apps and they are usually free!


Bath - A bath can help release muscle tension and provide a calm atmosphere for the mind to relax. Essential oils can be added to water and candles can be used to provide comforting lighting.


Yoga/Tai Chi - These exercises can help release tension and restlessness in the body and the mind by using slow and controlled movements. Exercise is also known to release endorphins in the brain which can lead to an improved mood and sense of well-being.


Massage - Massage can be a great way to remove toxins from the body, relax and alleviate tension and promote general well-being.

Write -   Writing down your worries can help give the feeling that they're out of your brain and can be set aside to deal with later. Consider putting the paper in a drawer, safe or jar and only retrieve it when you are ready to solve one of the issues.

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