The Courier and Tay FM cover our story!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

What a great way to start off 2019! Our work with Binn Group was covered by The Courier and Tay FM today in an article explaining how the project has resulted in a 4.5% drop in mental health related absences along with increased productivity and openness!

Since our launch, around 10% of the workforce has sought mental health support from us with issues ranging from stress to suicide which just goes to show how prevalent psychological problems are and also how many people suffer in silence right under our noses.

Binn Group are a fantastic company to work with and are a perfect example of a family run business that truly cares about its employees. It's great to see them getting the credit they deserve for adopting our pilot scheme and investing in the lives of their staff.

Did we mention 43 Binn employees

also raised well over £2000 for the charity by doing a Tough Mudder?! Legends!

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