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Welcome to Our Forum!


  • Struggling to open up?

  • Need to get something off your chest?

  • Want to hear about other people's experiences?

  • Need some advice or support?

  • Just want to talk to like-minded people?

Well you're in the right place!


Welcome to our Forum! Here you can talk with other people about all things Mental Health! It is completely anonymous, so if you want to talk without fear of judgement, here is a good place to start!

You can browse freely, however to participate and access certain categories you have to register as a member. It is quick and easy, and we will always respect your privacy; no incessant emails, sharing data or suspiciously relevant ads!

Some browser settings, anti-virus and ad-blocker software may not be compatible with the forum, try enabling Flash Player and Cookies.

Please check out the Forum Rules before participating! Each category has a post detailing what it's for pinned to the top!

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