Our founder provides award-winning consultancy to organisations that wish to implement mental health support for their employees. From mental health policies to face-to-face sessions, there is an option to suit all structures and preferences.


      Recent research showed:

  • 68% of staff hirers worry someone with severe mental illness wouldn’t fit in with the team

  • 83% worry someone with severe mental illness couldn’t cope with the job

  • 74% worry someone with severe mental illness would need lots of time off

  • 54% said they wouldn’t know how to support someone with a mental illness

  • 56% said they’d be more likely to employ someone with mental illness if they were better equipped to support them

It was also found that within the    workplace, staff members who were suffering from mental health issues and were not receiving support

  • were 37% more likely to get into conflict in the workplace

  • 57% found it harder to juggle tasks

  • 80% found it more difficult to concentrate

  • 62% took longer to complete tasks and

  • 50% were considerably less patient


''I have worked with Rosanna over the past few year as we have created and implemented a Mental Health policy and in-house consultancy programme. After having real concerns over the increase in absenteeism relating to mental health I had concerns on how to address/manage them moving forward. Over the space of a year I have seen firsthand the difference Rosanna can make to an individual in the workplace. Furthermore, the cultural difference since the introduction of Speak has helped changed attitudes towards a more open and inclusive workplace in which employees are beginning to talk to each other about experiences they have had with mental health issues or with Speak themselves.'' Daniel McAtear - General Manager, Binn Group

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