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Who are we?



Rosanna founded Speak after struggling through her own mental illness. She wanted to provide a support network for people who may go through something similar but don't have anywhere else to turn.

In her free time she studies Psychology, volunteers at a local riding school and tries to spend time in the great outdoors.



Tammy is a self-employed beauty therapist with a previous career in working with individuals with learning difficulties which fuelled her compassionate nature and her desire to help others. 

In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking and investigating conspiracy theories! Area 51, anyone...?!



Bethany is studying to become a counsellor when she is not busy caring for her infant son, Archie. She has extensive experience with addiction and mental illness and would like to further her influence in this field.She is passionate about fitness and spends her spare time in the gym. She is also a keen mountain biker and often explores routes nearby.

Kenny trained as a fitness instructor and worked in a gym before a change of career to cancer rehabilitation. He believes sport and exercise can have a positive effect on mental health and has extensive experience in this area.

In his spare time he captains his local rugby team while to wind down he enjoys nothing more than getting a new tattoo, watching a disney film or playing with his pet rabbit, Buster.



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