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A place to speak your mind



Speak was started by a Psychology student who is passionate about mental health. 

After suffering from mental illness, the self-proclaimed 'emotional bottler-upper' started to get better after finally speaking about what was going on in her head.


The time spent battling her illness opened her eyes to the horrors of the current system, the prevalent stigma in society and the shocking lack of education. 

So, she gathered some like-minded people and decided to speak out against the way things are and started to change them. (check out our news page) 

While we promote 'speaking', we know that not everyone has someone to speak to and we know it can be hard to do face-to-face or to find someone who is also awake at 3 in the morning!


So, the first thing was to make the forum. It's yours, it's anonymous, it's free from judgement and it's full of support.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So why not get on there and speak?!*




*or just have a look if you like, we don't mind! 








The Speak Community



Sometimes we just need to speak, but it is hard to open up. That's why we created the Speak Community, to allow people to easily and anonymously get things off their chest, without fear of judgement. Members can participate in our forum start groups and privately message each other completely for free.

The Speak Community is completely anonymous and signing up is easy! We do not share any personal data with third-parties or other members of the community, and we do not ask for anything other than a name and email address to register.


Our forum is always open and is for anyone who needs to get their mental health struggles off their chest, anyone who needs advice, anyone who needs to vent or anyone who needs to feel less alone.   

Anyone can view the forum and participation is totally free, all you need to do is register.